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Organic Farming & Ranching

Our produce & meat comes from our small, independent, and family-run farm. We eat everything we grow to ensure quality. We pride ourselves on delivering food with superior flavor — all available to be delivered straight to your door.

Ward Farms passionately believes that good nutrition should incorporate all-natural and organic healthy foods which are critical to living a long and healthy life.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, is virtually impossible obtain all the nutrients we need from the food we find at regular supermarkets and especially fast food providers. Most of the food we find all around us is so highly processed, preserved, and full of artificial ingredients that by the time it reaches our table, there's often little nutritional value in these meals!

This is why our small local farm just outside of Dallas grows for a small number of exclusive customers and produces the finest Angus grass-fed cattle for chemical-free meats. Our family personally manages & controls EVERY aspect of our meats & produce.

Please contact us if you would like fresh grass-fed Angus meats or vegetables which were picked from our garden the day you order.

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Ward Farms Family

Ward Farms is not just a business, it's a family of friends and like-minded people who are interested in eating healthy and enjoying a healthy & happy life.

Wendy Stone
Wendy StoneThe Boss
Kevin Ward
Kevin WardFarming Supervisor
Kameron Zabojnik
Kameron ZabojnikRanching Supervisor